2013 | beer cans, water hose, tap, solar cell, cable, socket, art frame | 2x 120cm x 80cm x 9cm & 100cm x 100cm x 9cm

Three works, which deal with the themes energy and Brazilian contemporary art. A black water hose which is installed in an art frame with a faucet on the end. This work of art could also be used to produce warm water. The work refers to the fact that in a sun-rich country, like Brazil, it takes approximately 5% of the total energy from electro-showers to produce warm water for showers, although there would be a variety of possibilities to warm the water with natural resources. In another frame you can find black lacquered beer cans mounted and connected to each other. This artwork can be used in Brazil to produce warm air on sunny but cold days and could partly replace an electrical heating system. A simple solar cell in a frame with a voltage transformer and a socket-outlet in itshousing, which allows for example to charge a mobile phone when the sun is shining. My work connects socio-critical and formal-aesthetic elements still found in Brazilian art of today.