2010 | trailer | 6:03min

Dressed in a surfer ́s outfit and carrying the surfboard under my arms I cross the Sahara. For half an hour one can see in the video how I try to come closer to the sea step by step. The film has a narrative photography and uses especially composed music so that a certain dense atmosphere is created. This makes the absurd journey asking for reflection also on the possibilities of the medium film itself. A cinematographic picture story between movie, art and performance.

Camera: Erik Schimschar
Montage: Alex Menning
Sound: Ralf Jakubski
Music: John Gürtler
Sound design: Boris Laible

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2010 | video | 31:14 min


Idee / Realisation: Daniel Beerstecher
Supervisor Producer: Catherine Ackermann
Kamera: Erik Schimschar
Kameraassistenz / Ton: Ralf Jakubski
Montage: Alexandra Menning
Sounddesign / Mischung: Boris Laible
Farbmischung: Jan Raiber
Musik komponiert und dirigiert: John Guertler
Musik eingespielt von: Filmorchester Zilina
Orchesteraufnahme: Vladimir Martinka
Perkussion: Daniel Eichholz
Gitarre: Lars Voges
Musikmischung: John Guertler
Organisation In Marokko: Hicham Hajji, Ismail Kajji,
Fahrer/ Organisation: Jalal Aziz
Local Guide: Ibrahim Lagtarna