2015 | video | 4:55min

These geographic landscape stills were taken in the mountains of the Itatiala National Park, the oldest national park in Brazil. The 2014 soccer World Cup was going on at the same time and in Belo Horizonte the Germans beat the Brazilians in a devastating 7:1 defeat. While I was on a two day hike in the mountains of the national park, escaping all the soccer madness going on in Rio de Janeiro, I had installed a recording system at home and set it up so that it recorded the reportage and the sound of the soccer game. Later I used the recording of the announcer and the background noise of the fans in the stadium as the audio track for the video pictures of the hike. The volume of the soccer game decreases continuously until it dissolves completely at the end and the sounds of nature, the wind and the birds chirping from the national park define the sound of the video. In an interview after the defeat of the Brazilian national team the trainer Luiz “Felipão” Scolari states Mas continua a vida... [Life goes on...]