2015 | installation

Setting out and entering an unknown territory is an essential principle in Daniel Beerstecher's work. The artist not only moves through the various realities and scenarios, but also carries objects with him that, taken from a previous context, now trigger new contexts of meaning in a new context. Inspired by the proliferation of television sets in bars and restaurants in Brazilian cities and the superimposition of their sounds with those of conversations and society, Daniel Beerstecher installs the exhibition Deslocamentos: a bar with a screen on which his video works are shown, which were created in Latin America and especially in Brazil over the past four years. In this exhibition, realized with the Prêmio Funarte de Arte Contemporânea 2014, the following video works were shown: The Conquest of the Useless (2014), Mas continua a vida... (2014), How I explain the world to my bird (2013) and Churrasco (2010). It is about finding one's way into nature for the encounter with one's own self and one's own art as well as the signs of civilization used in the installations (the furniture, the exhibition space itself). They reveal the relationship between nature and society, an essential starting point for the artist's creative work. On the one hand, he has the desire to distance himself from society for long periods of time, which Daniel Beerstecher equates with a feeling of freedom. On the other hand, his life in society is fundamental to his existence, especially as an artist. The installation unites parallel worlds: nature and society, art space and bar. By shifting roles, their characteristics, and their places, a third world emerges from these altered relationships.
Flávia Mattar